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Batch optimistic updating

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Scripts can be passed in as part of the request, retrieved from the special .scripts index, or loaded from disk.The default scripting language is Groovy, a fast and expressive scripting language, similar in syntax to Java Script.It is not recommended that you hold a database transaction open during user think time until the unit of work is complete. Can a single Hibernate ] In other words, its a series of operations we wish to carry out against the database together.Basically, it is a transaction, though fulfilling a unit of work will often span multiple physical database transactions (see Section 13.1.2, “Long conversations”).The discussion of concurrency control in Hibernate begins with the granularity of , unless it is needed. In order to reduce lock contention in the database, a database transaction has to be as short as possible.Long database transactions will prevent your application from scaling to a highly concurrent load.Alternatively you can disable dynamic Groovy scripts by adding this setting to the directory on every node.If your architecture and security is one that does not need worry about the vulnerability, for example your Elasticsearch endpoints are only exposed and available to trusted applications, then you can choose to re-enable the dynamic scripting if it is a feature your application needs.

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Scripting is supported in many APIs including search, sorting, aggregations, and document updates.

It is recommended that you spend some time with the JDBC, ANSI, and transaction isolation specification of your database management system. Your application can expect the behavior as defined by the isolation level of your database transactions.

Through , which is also a transaction-scoped cache, Hibernate provides repeatable reads for lookup by identifier and entity queries and not reporting queries that return scalar values.

Without multi-object transactions, it's harder to write services using etcd as a key-value store.

There are many cases where multiple objects need to be kept consistent, and two-phase commit would significantly complicate recovery.