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You can follow the instructions they give you, or you can just use my consolidated script below.Include the following lines somewhere in your main template, replacing variable to tie the thread to the post filename.The bottom line is, the only reason Mary used Disqus on my blog is because she wanted to support that were written by a friend.

In this post, I’ll demonstrate ways in which you can enhance your otherwise-static Jekyll website or blog with interactive components like comment threads, site search, and contact forms, and I’ll share a few additional tips and tricks I’ve run into as well.They can comment as a guest (without signing in), or they can sign in using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts.Before you start, you should have a Tumblr blog already setup on your site.If you haven’t done that yet, here are some instructions.I tell people all the time – I’m horrible at optimizing my own personal blog. I help Word Press freelancers, small shops, and product companies. For the most part, comment quantity remained about the same, though it might have been different people commenting. You know the stuff at the bottom of the content that listed “other articles around the web.” I didn’t like it much either and turned it off. There’s nothing I can do about what’s already happened, but what I can tell you is that your comments, going forward, on this site, aren’t getting monitored by Disqus any longer.Sometimes we get a nice callback option to know when values have been filled in.