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I decided to post it here with very minor changes, as I consider this the most interesting and.
For more information, including the documentation required, visit the website of the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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[Chorus Two: Lil' Kim] Do it like a hustler, Lil' Kim and Twista Might as well ride with us Male groupies, girl groupies They're all gon' side with us Whatcha gon' do, it's the Duke and the Duchess You need to give it up We gon' take over the world Whatchu know about Thug Luv?

aka Biggie Smalls (real name Christopher Wallace), who was a key figure in both her personal and artistic life, particularly after Wallace gained popularity and influence through his relationship with Bad Boy Records, founded by Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs. Hale Vocational High School for two and a half years. was instrumental in introducing and promoting the Brooklyn-based group, Junior M. Wallace wrote (and ghostwrote) most of the album's material. "In the Air Tonite", a remix of the Phil Collins song "In the Air Tonight" and duet with Collins, was released as a single from the Collins tribute album Urban Renewal.

A representative from SM Entertainment said, “The two apparently became interested in each other recently.

She is being careful as [Kim Min Joon] is a non-celebrity.

If you hadn’t noticed, after Sulli broke up with Choiza, there was a lot less witch hunting of her going on.

Sure, people still said shit, but there was a lot less intense focus on her and less netizens whining like bitter virgins.