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He also went on a trip to Gapyeong as the only male.I saw the pictures and Heechul was the prettiest."Heechul explained that girl group members enjoy hanging out with him.This is the first time that the idol has become the center of dating news.SEE ALSO: [Interview] Taeyang talks about what Big Bang means to him, his World Tour, his future, and more Reports on May 17 (KST) claimed Cho A has been dating Najin Corporation's director Lee Suk Jin for the past year.The January 27 installment of SBS's 'Roommate' showed the ladies of the house, Sunny, Nana, and Lee Kuk Ju, engaging in more juicy girl talk as they discussed dating and past relationships.Nana said, "When I date someone, I don't date him or break up with him with ease. Starting in high school, the number of people I've dated can be counted by the five fingers on one hand.SEE ALSO: [Interview] Taeyang talks about what Big Bang means to him, his World Tour, his future, and more Lee Soo Geun further explained, "He really knows a lot of girl groups. Every girl group member answers Heechul's video call.

SEE ALSO: [Interview] Taeyang talks about what Big Bang means to him, his World Tour, his future, and more Kangnam then asked Seohyun, "Do you have a lot of aegyo when you have a boyfriend? And she really needs to stop walking like some kind of princess, i noticed that since her Gone with the Wind musical but it got worse and i couldn't help but feel embarrassed for her at SBS awards.

Heechul who was famous for this long bob hair cut he's also the only one who liked his long hair he kinda gave the atmosphere of an unmarried man or more like an old aunty he even looks like a scary sunbae unnie he uploaded this picture and created an uproar!

people were complementing him and he was really living his life~ (T/N: it's kinda hard to translate : S) and now he dyed his hair snow white when I saw it he was so handsome that I got shocked white hair short hair is the real deal..!

Sunny said Nana dated in real silence, suggesting that she gave no hint of being in any relationship while she was in one.

Nana then opened up a little, saying there really were a limited amount of places to go for dates when with another celebrity, naming the house, a car, and a movie theater far away, saying the two of them would keep on their hats throughout the movie. " However going on to cheer and stare at another man's woman is a no no in korea.