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Sedating a child at the dentist

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And the nitrous is alot cheaper than conscious sedation or general...which we really didn't want to do. For cavities, they shouldn't be using anything that would classify as potent...a light sedation.

Make sure you take your child to a pediatric dentist which makes dentistry "fun".

The option of in-office has been a good option to help kids and parents.

Things can be unpredictable as medications elicit different responses in different children.

It describes what sedation is, what happens when your child gets sedation, and how to care for your child after the test or treatment.

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I am freaking out at the mention of sedation, but on the other side I understand they could simply not do the work if she is so scared. I share your concerns about sedation, but of the above mentioned drugs, probably demerol at an appropriate dosage..I heard they can run a blood test to see if the person in question is sensitive or allergic to any of the options.

Your child may need sedation to help him relax and stay still during the test or treatment.

The sedation may make your child fall asleep or just feel sleepy.

you may want to pay them xtra to take their time, since time is money, and most of them want to get on to the next patient.......[ just a thought ] Make sure the dentist is a Pediatric dentist, one who is fast in working with kids and has staff trained in "conscious sedation" protocols for the care of children. Sedation is a fairly routine practice for kids in dentists.

If scared/want to be extra careful - consider a university practice where if something goes wrong, there is plenty of expertise and anesthesiologists to help. Recently, the my dentist (family dentist) agreed to "try" using laughing gas (nitrous oxide) while filling some cavities. It allowed my son to relax and they were able to give him novacaine and fill his teeth. As long as they're just making her "sleepy" and not "unconsious" or "unaware" it should be fine.