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I just wanted to let you all know that before you start...whatever. The point of this assignment isn't to START an anti-gay movement of any sort. Maybe you could also define some public events, protests or parades or something.

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On the weekends it was really hard to sleep in because the sun was already cooking at 8am and the only thing we could do to survive was lay out by the pool, which sounds really good in theory, but it was still hot, and there were bees, and there was sweat, and if you were bloated then keep the bikinis away from me. And don't even get me started on shopping for a bikini.

I'm sure some people think it's fun to go bikini shopping but I really hate it.

In a girl I look for honesty above all, someone who I can carry on a conversation with, someone who has a good sense of humor, someone who’s true to herself, and to top it, someone who can get ready for a date in less than ten minutes.

While Will Smith has grown out of his Fresh Prince days, in the ’90s he was known as the ultimate class clown in a good way.

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Where Are They Now: Disney Channel Stars log guyq articles settings. He voiced Sid in Toy Story 3 and brought his daughter the guyq.

Perhaps the most notable storyline during von Detten's time on the soap was Nicholas' accidental killing of his father's lover Lisanne Gardner, who had been attempting to blackmail Viviam Alamein over the secret of Nicholas's parentage.

In 1995, when he was 13, Von Detten provided the voice of the villainous toy-destroyer Sid Phillips in the hit movie Toy Story.

They look to date someone who isn't afraid to let his inner-teenager shine.

Despite being only ten at the time, he was heavily involved on-screen as one of the main characters.

He is known for his roles in Escape to Witch Mountain, Toy Story, Brink!

Dawson spoke at length to Camilleri about the controversial 1995 film "Kids," Larry Clark's feature about New York teenagers that was written by Harmony Korine. Dawson, however, said her parents were really only worried about one thing."With all the insanity that my character goes through, the only thing they cared about was not smoking," she joked.

The actress was 15 when she filmed "Kids," and her character, Ruby, was one of the more sexually promiscuous in the film.