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Bianca Cody Murphy is a faculty member of Wheaton College, Illinois.

Carolyn Dillon is a faculty member of Boston University, Massachusetts.

Text emphasizes and illustrates the relational, interactional, and multicultural nature of contemporary clinical practice.

[ In the text, the authors] believe that students can best learn when they read about skills, view a variety of seasoned clinicians applying their skills, and practice the skills through role-plays and skill application exercises, receiving feedback from instructors and peers.

The authors not only lead students step-by-step through the development of a wide range of skills commonly used in practice, but also focus on the development of the professional "self," addressing knowledge base, values, attitudes, and purposeful use of the self. ” I thought that it might be fitting as we celebrate Jesus’ first day on earth that we remember our first day with Him. Do you remember the warmth of His sweet salvation as His Spirit swept over your soul like a mighty river.Do you remember with a sense of disappointment how that warmth faded with time? GAINING NEW PERSPECTIVES: HELPING CLIENTS SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY. Changing the Perspective of Others: Working for Social Change. CHANGING BEHAVIORS: HELPING CLIENTS DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY. Clinical wisdom, hands-on practice, and practical suggestions gleaned from work "in the trenches" are all provided in this flexible learning package that combines the immediacy and realism of video with the pedagogical effectiveness of a carefully-structured text.