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We live and breathe FEA analysis and our experience has been earned the hard way by having our models validated in test and in service for over 20 years.

Our work portfolio ranges from deep-diving submarines to large motor home chassis analysis to USAF satellites.

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Notice that when you specify the string text, you need to escape, with a backslash, any non-alphanumeric characters (such as spaces, dots, comma, equals, greater/less than, parenthesis...). If the path to the command is not specified, the system PATH will be searched for the command.

So, if the path to the command is not specified in the You can use STAF/STAX to boot VMWare images and then execute tests on the VMWare images.

Below is a example that demonstrates how to do this. Note that it's has important information on how to configure your VMWare image to work correctly with STAF/STAX.

This is where you should look if you have a question about STAF V3, STAX V3, or an external STAF V3 service.

For questions about STAF V2, STAX V1, or an external STAF V2 service,.