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She took his surname and over the next few years she grew up quickly, helping to care for the growing family as her stepfather's Air Force career moved them from Connecticut to New Mexico to Maine.

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English poets have much to learn from him, perhaps even more than the Americans.

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JFW Model #: 50FHAO-XXX-100 Impedance: 50 Ohms Frequency Start: 0 MHz (DC) Frequency Stop: 3000 MHz RF Input Power: 100 Watts Attenuation Values: 1-50 d B Heatsink Style: Round RF Connectors: N, 4.1/9.5, 4.3/10, 7/16 Documentation: Data Sheet | Drawing Model 50FHAO-xxx-100 is a 50 Ohm coaxial fixed attenuator with a round heatsink rated at 100 Watts maximum RF input power.

It operates DC-3000 MHz and is available with d B values from 1d B to 50d B.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, we thought, to have all those rad remixes side-by-side on one single CD for each remixer? And when we say “remixes” don’t for one moment imagine 100 tracks back-to-back at the same BPM.

This is a collection carefully crafted for maximum variety, from a wide range of some of the most inventive remixers around.